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    • CommentAuthorkcjrd
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2010

    Will OIOpublisher allow me to serve ads to my site members based on which group(s) they are a part of. I'm starting a buddypress site and I want to give groups the ability to sell ad space for their group to generate revenue. For example: Say a group called 'Group 1' talks with a local business and convinces the business to advertise on my site to all of the members of my site who belong to 'Group 1'. Regardless of where the members who belong to 'Group 1' are on my site, I want them to see the ad that 'Group 1' was responsible for generating. Can I accomplish this with OIO?

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2010 edited
    Project Admin

    It's important to note that BuddyPress is a collection of plugins on top of WordPress, so OIO has no direct methods to integrate with BuddyPress groups or anything that BuddyPress does itself.

    Perhaps the most simple method would be to create a different ad zone for each group you have on the site. When displaying the ad zone, you'd then dynamically choose the zone ID based on the group the member viewing the page belonged to (if they belonged to multiple groups, you could pick one group at random on each page load).

    Below is a theoretical example (where the zone displayed is based on the group the member belongs to):

    //group ID is whatever BuddyPress users as the unique identifer for a group
    $group_id = 'buddypress goes code here';
    //an array of groups with associate zone ID
    $zones = array( 'group 1' => 1, 'group 2' => 2 );
    //output the appropriate ad zone
    if(function_exists('oiopub_banner_zone')) {
    $zone_id = $zones[$group_id];
    $options = array( 'position' => "left", 'empty' => "-1" );
    oiopub_banner_zone($zone_id, $options);

    Each group could then have a unique purchasing link (to the ad zone associated with their group).

    Distributing revenue could potentially be done via the affiliate module (with a referral ID attached to the purchase link for that group), however in reality you'd still need to distribute the funds to members of each group manually, since that isn't something OIO can do for you automatically.


    I'm not sure how close that comes to what you're looking for, but that's probably the way I'd approach it.

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    • CommentAuthorkcjrd
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2010

    Thanks for the fast response! Very helpful.

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