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    • CommentAuthorfanaticweb
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2011 edited


    Hi Simon,

    I know we discussed this before and we were working on a fix for it, although I cant find that thread for the life of me, you had me do all kinds of tests and we sort of nailed it down to some php ini file workaround with that Open sock approach. I was using a Wordpress install back then and now I'm using standalone install yet still experience issues in getting the Banner exchange to work properly.

    OIO = v2.40
    Server = Dedicated with PhP 5.0 DB
    htaccess file on root

    Folders and File permissions set accordingly (did a random file check)

    The destination link is a WP based install located at http://www.domain.com/links and this page clearly has the name of the initial site displayed along with the url link pointing back.

    Yet OIO publisher fails to read and locate the content.

    Do you still have that thread online somewhere? You had sent me a file to help trace back the OIO activity between both sites, I have full admin rights on both of those sites so I can modify whatever need be, just need it to work.

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2011 edited
    Project Admin

    I think it was probably this one?

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    YES it is!! I'll read into it to refresh my memory and apply it to hopefully get it to work, thank you sir!

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    For the record: it worked FLAWLESSLY!

    The trick is to add the Php.ini file in the OIO publisher folder as well, not just in the root!

    I had other inquiries but I'll search the threads first to look for existing ones.

    Thanks Simon for your ongoing prompt and premium support!

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