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    • CommentAuthordnsg
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2008 edited

    I usually click on the "OIOpublisher Modules [ check for updates ]" area every now and then when I log into my blogs.

    I just did it again and everything came up as current. I went to my Plug-Ins page and it showed OIO current. I did this after I received your email about the core files being upgraded to 1.62, I'm running 1.61 on my blog.

    I noticed the "check for updates" doesn't check the core files, just the modules.

    I have about a dozen blogs and log into them at different intervals. I have a couple of "download module updates" since each blog has different parts that need updated and the recent fix-160-2.

    Basically I have too many update files.

    How do you keep track of updates? What would you suggest I go? Just keep one master set of the most current version and just re-upload the entire plug-in every time?

    This is an amazing plug-in and your constant updates just make it better.


    Dennis Graves

    P.S. Also one more thing is causing me problems:

    How do I tell which version of the software I am downloading. I just downloaded what is supposed to be 1.62. I opened the readme file, and it says version 1.60. It says that in the readme in the main folder and the docs folder. It does say version 1.62 when I open the index file in a text editor. Is there anyway you can add the version number to the file name.

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2008 edited
    Project Admin

    Some good points there.

    I've just added the version name to the zip file when downloading (as you saw, I sometimes forget to update all the text files with the correct version number).

    I'd recommend simply downloading the latest version from the site (including all modules) when an update comes out, if you have multiple blogs. The official download will always contain the latest version of everything (including modules, fix packages etc), so then you don't have to worry about keeping track. :)

    PS. I am considering an auto-upgrade feature, although it would still be a prompted upgrade (and you'd still be free to choose the manual option, or ignore it completely). Once 2.0 is out, I'll also be working on a global manager, so that (in theory at least) you'll be able to manage all sites running the plugin from OIOpublisher.com. It's quite an ambitious step, but should certainly help people like yourself running multiple sites.

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