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    • CommentAuthorswisss
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2012

    How does the ad rotation work when specific categories can be chosen?

    e.g. Banner Ad zone in the Sidebar.
    Site has say 10 categories
    Rotation of say 8 paid ads
    Default ads of say 6

    Does it allow:
    A) 8 paid ads rotating in each of the 10 categories making a total of 80 potential ad sales (ignoring the default ads), or
    B) 8 paid ads rotating in only the categories chosen with the default ads (set to all categories) filling in the blanks making a total of 8 potential ad sales

    I'm debating whether it would be better to do
    A) a specific ad zone per category sidebar and turn off the 'choose category' option, or
    B) do a generic sidebar ad zone with the 'choose category' option turned on

    I'd prefer to do option A as it would make the available category slots clearer to purchasers plus the price of the popular categories could be increased pro-rata.

    Are there any performance issues / problems of A instead of B?
    Current site is only small but I have OIO in mind for quite a large site, category and content wise, and don't want to have to 're-engineer' the ad zones a few months down the line because I didn't set it up optimally in the first place.

    Still setting up OIO but very impressed with the feature set and how it all seems to be working perfectly so far.

    Many thanks

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