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    I Would like to provide some kind of integrated advertising package for 2-3 different sub-domains (under the same domain). What is the best way (eg simplest from the client point of view) to achieve this? This would be one page selling all the ad space but selections for which site to put these ads on... similar I suppose to channels in Google ads.

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2012
    Project Admin

    Hmmm... there aren't many options for that kind of thing with OIO, since it would require "shopping cart" functionality (to purchase ads from multiple zones, in a package).

    If you wanted the same ad to go on all sub-domains, you could create an ad zone to go on all of them (using OIO's javascript ad code), and sell that as a package.

    You could also create a custom purchase, advertising different ad combinations - but that would involve you manually getting the ads from customers etc.

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