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    • CommentAuthorkency
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2015 edited


    I have custom post type/taxonomy and i want the banner management like below.

    1. Taxonomy Structure:

    • Alaska
      • Soldotna(sub-category)
      • Anchorage(sub-category)
    • Arkansas
      • Benton(sub-category)
      • Cabot(sub-category)

    Ability to add banner on the subcategory.

    If someone add banner for Soldotana then that banner will show on this(Soldotana) category and also should be display on their related subcategory(LIKE Anchorage).

    Is there any way to work OIO Like above example?
    Please suggest.


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    • CommentAuthoralexmorco
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2018

    You should check the following status:

    one can find several post type that is available by default in WordPress installation for WordPress custom post type.

    Post – blog post
    Page – static page
    Attachment – attached media
    Revision – post revision
    Navigation Menu – nav menu

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