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    I'm trying to make some CSS edits (the display: block !import is preventing me from overriding display to allow for a rotating gallery of ads), but am having trouble.

    When i make the changes to the css file, they don't show up in output.css, apparently because it's being cached somewhere. I tried hacking the name of the file that's written to the header to output.css?v-foo-260 (instead of output.css?v260), which worked on the home page of my site, but not on the post pages, because it looks like output.css is being written TWICE to the header (presumably because i have two different ad types on that page?).

    Anyway, I can't figure out how to either blow away the cache so the new css is used or change the filename it's looking for so it generates a new version.

    http://www.wallyhood.org/ is the site

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2015
    Project Admin

    I think it's the javascript writing it once (and WordPress header, non-js, also outputs it once). You can edit it in OIO's "/js_http.php" file:

    if(count($result) == 1 && $refreshed != 1) {
    $result[0]['css'] = $oiopub_set->plugin_url_org . '/images/style/output.css?' . str_replace('.', '', $oiopub_set->version);

    You could try replacing the query parameter with the last time that file was modified (e.g. using php's filemtime), or just remove the reference to it in the js file completely.

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