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    Hi all,

    where can I find a complete overview of all available shortcodes like %item%, %site_name%, etc. ?

    Thank you

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2015
    Project Admin

    This is a full list:

    %username% - advertiser's name
    %user_email% - advertiser's email address
    %item% - name of purchase made (e.g. ad zone name)
    %item_cost% - cost of purchase
    %item_duration% - number of days/clicks/impressions purchased
    %item_model% - cost per day, cost per click or cost per impression
    %processor% - name of payment gateway chosen (e.g. paypal)
    %payment_url% - full link to OIO's "payment.php" page, to complete payment
    %stats_url% - full link to OIO's ad stats dashboard, for that user
    %purchase_code% - the randomly generated code associated with the purchase
    %site_name% - your site's name (taken from WordPress, if available)
    %site_url% - your site's base URL
    %preview_url% - preview URL, if a paid review has been purchased
    %extras% - dynamically inserted extra paragraphs, based on setup (wouldn't touch this one)

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