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    Our sidebar was hidden on this page: http://www.deltabohemian.com/susan-mcphail-a-walk-in-the-woods/

    When I inspected the HTML I saw it was because the HTML div that wrapped the content and the sidebar, called #content-sidebar-wrap was being given an element style of "max-width: 250px". View the screenshot attached.

    I tracked this style down to a script on the page:

    (function(){for(var a=document.getElementById("oio-banner-2"),b=a,c,d=window.getComputedStyle;!a.clientWidth;){b=b.parentNode;if(!b||!d||1!==b.nodeType)break;c=d(b,null).getPropertyValue("float");if("left"==c||"right"==c)b.style.width="100%",b.style.maxWidth="250px"};})();

    When I added the style rule below to override this, the problem went away:
    #content-sidebar-wrap {
    max-width: 100%; !important;

    But this is a bit of a hack. Why is the script adding this style?

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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2015
    Project Admin

    The javascript contains a fix for when an OIO ad zone is placed in a containing element that as a zero width, which stops the ad zone being fluid (and thus working on responsive sites).

    For some reason on your site, it has tried to set the width on an element too far up the tree (i.e. on an element that wraps all content, rather than just the sidebar). I'm not quite sure why, but I'll have a deeper look into it.

    The 'hack' you put in place to fix it will do the job though (and shouldn't have any side effects).

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