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    • CommentAuthorMoonworks
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009 edited

    The custom product section could be useful to me, but I just want to check a couple of things.

    Does each custom product have its own link? If so, what would this be?

    /oiopub/purchase.php?do=custom is shown on your example, but that doesn't make any sense to me, I put that into my browser after adding a product and just got a normal page with no text - just my usual sidebar.

    When people make a purchase, can they choose how many of something they want? For example, I am selling spaces on residential courses, could they select to purchase 3 spaces?

    Is there some kind of shopping cart? So they could choose, for example, 2 saces on one course and 3 spaces on another course before paying?

    Finally, is there a way for me to place a discount? So if they paid for spaces on two courses, they would get a discount?

    I think that'll do it for now, I don't want your brain to explode!

    Take a look at my site, it may make more sense then:



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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009 edited
    Project Admin

    The custom purchase url would be:


    And then for each specific item, you add &item=X to the end. So, for the first item, the full link would be:


    It's not designed to be a full-blown shopping cart. It came about because of a need to sell other one-off items (eg. a different type of ad, or a digital product).

    There's no coupon code module available (I've been wanting to do it for a while, but there always seemed to be something more important that came up), but it will be a feature in the next big development.

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    • CommentAuthorMoonworks
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009 edited

    Thanks for that, it answered everything :O)

    I will be happy to work with you on ideas for this when you get that started. Once you have the shopping cart and coupons included, I see this really taking off, as it is nice and simple, but has the power in there.

    Just two further questions. Where it says:

    Pricing: 275 GBP permanent

    Is it possible to change this, so it would say:

    Price: £275

    And where it says:

    Availability: 20 available now

    Can I change the code somewhere, so it would say:

    Availability: 20 places still available

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    • CommentAuthorMoonworks
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009

    Maybe in a future vewrsion, a file could be used for editing bits like this, also good for when upgrades are done

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    • CommentAuthorpapek
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2009

    I would be very much interested as well in selling multiple products using OIO system. It would be great in fact if such an addition worked with digital products and like a shopping cart, affiliates incorporated to increase on sales etc. So I am available for help with that too. Simon, I would purchase an extra module of this kind without a hesitation. Thank you for your great work.

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