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    • CommentAuthorCorporette
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2010 edited

    I would like to use the html coding "<!-- note to self -->" within my rotating html ads on OIO. First, I need to use it because various ad managers require you to have it in there (e.g., Project Wonderful, which starts with "<!-- Beginning of Project Wonderful ad code: -->" followed by another line that says "<!-- Ad box ID: 46074 -->" and will not "activate" your box until you have that exact code on your site. Second, I'd like to use it to differentiate between rotating banner ads, particularly since many of them have specific expiration dates.

    However -- OIO seems to be recognizing this coding as text. And so, for example, instead of my default Project Wonderful ad (a 125x125 banner that says "Advertise here"), I get the text words "Beginning of Project Wonderful"


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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2010
    Project Admin

    My guess would be you're using the javascript ad output?

    A couple of options:

    * use php output instead of javascript
    * open js.php and remove or comment out the following lines

    $strip = array( "<!--", "//-->", "-->", "<![CDATA[", "]]>" );
    $output = str_replace($strip, "", $output);

    I think that should stop any extra text showing up, although my preference would be to use the first option if available.

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    that worked, thanks!

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