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    • CommentAuthorGetWebHost
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2007 edited

    This maybe a bug report but I'm not quite sure. I have installed this plugin on my blog (http://money.earnersclub.net), enable only the site-wide link and add 1 text link (linktype = 3). I am NOT able to view the site-wide text link I added (can only be seen if I'm on the post page) even though the status is already active and have a duration. I take a quick look at the code and I found out that the $link_return variable is getting results IF:

    IS_HOME = link_type = 1 - that's why I did not see my text link added, I can only see it if I am on the single post page. But when I added it, is is site-wide, therefore it must be viewable on both homepage and post page.

    I'm not a PHP guru but I think the query for the $link_return variable should be double check.


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    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2007 edited
    Project Admin

    Thanks for pointing that out. I actually have a testing version that fixes that.

    When I built it initially, for some reason I left home page links and site-wide links separate (ie. site wide didn't include the home page even if home page wasn't active). It becomes tricky when trying to inter-link all the options too much, so what I have done is the following:

    - home page links, if active, will exclude home page links from the site-wide option (and the purchase form will tell the advertiser that)
    - site-wide option will display links on the home page if the home page link option is not active (and the purchase form will tell the advertiser that)
    - if site wide links are enabled, single page links will be disabled (that might be reversed at some stage, but for keeping this neat it works best)

    If you think that's not the best way to go, then let me know, but my thinking is that if you choose to enable home page links specifically (which should mean they are valued differently), then they shouldn't be included in the site-wide option. It has been one of those things that has not so easy to decide upon the best course of action.

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