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    Is OIO compatible with a standard WordPress installation?

    Yes, the script is fully compatible with any self-hosted version of WordPress, from v2.5 upwards.

    Is OIO compatible with blogs hosted at WordPress.com?

    No, WordPress.com does not allow the use of 3rd party plugins on its hosted blogs.

    Is OIO compatible with WordPress multi-site?

    Yes, but there are limitations. OIO will not work correctly as a "network activation". As long as a standard plugin activation is performed (on a per site basis), it should work just fine.

    If you want to show ads across the entire site, rather than using it on a blog by blog basis, it is suggested that you install it on just of your blogs and use OIO's javascript code to show ads on the others.

    Does OIO work with any WordPress theme?

    Yes, as long as the theme supports WordPress "header" and "footer" hooks (which every theme should do). To check your theme, follow these instructions.

    What if my WordPress theme doesn't support widgets?

    That's no problem - you can add OIO's ad code to any part of your WordPress theme manually. Click here to see an example of the php code you would use to add a banner ad zone to your site.

    Is the WordPress plugin a separate script from the standalone install?

    No, it's exactly the same script and will automatically load as a Wordpress plugin if placed in the "plugins" directory of a Wordpress blog.

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