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    Topics Covered:

    * Submitting your website
    * Marketplace API Key

    Last updated: 1st March, 2009


    Submitting your Website:

    All OIOpublisher users are able to submit their website(s) to the marketplace for more advertising exposure. Click here to submit a site now.

    Currently, you can only submit a website that has OIO installed on it. For example, if you install OIO on the domain blog.mydomain.com, then that is the site you must submit to the marketplace. You cannot submit other sites, without first installing OIO on each site.

    We are planning to remove this restriction in a future site update however.

    Last updated: 4th March, 2009


    Marketplace API Key:

    When you submit a website to the OIO marketplace, you will receive a confirmation email containing a unique API key. This key is used to confirm your listing, as well as to send information from your OIO install to the marketplace - including ad prices and stats information.

    Once you've received an API Key, simply login to the OIO admin area now installed on your website and click on the "API Services" link. Then copy and paste the key into that page and click submit.

    >> View demo example

    Please note that an API key is not required to use the ad manager itself, it only affects the marketplace.

    Last updated: 4th March, 2009